Ammonium persulfate

Ammonium peroxosulphate (short form APS, trade name ammonium persulfate) is the salt of peroxodisulphuric acid. It is a strong oxidizer and radical donator for polymerisation. Due to its high oxidation potential it can cause ignition under certain conditions. APS is highly soluble in water, aqueous solutions show an acidic reaction and have limited stability (see table 1 - 3)


The most important application for APS is in the water-based emulsion polymerisation of organic monomers in aqueous systems. The monomers are either sufficiently soluble in water and precipitate during polymerisation or polymerisation takes place in an aqueous emulsion of the monomers, as with styrene-butadiene and Acrylonitrile.

Other applications of APS

  • in the cosmetics industry as a booster for hair bleaches and an oxidizer in hair dyes
  • in the paper industry for re-pulping and de-inking
  • in order to recover metals and metal salts, for oxidative treatment of high grade metal ores
  • in the photographic industry for regenerating bleaching baths for color stock
  • for the production of desinfectants
  • in-situ decontamination of industrial areas: degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons

On request we produce APS with an anti-caking agent.
Our standard packing is in 25 kg PE-bags or big bags (FIBC).

Please contact us for detailed application-recommendations.

table 1

  Chemical / Product   Ammonium persulfate
  Abbreviation   APS
  Chemical name   Ammoniumperoxodisulphate
  Chemical formula   (NH4)2S2O8
  CAS - Number   7727 - 54 -0
  Molecular weight   228,2 g/mol
  Appearance   wihte, crystalline,
  with characteristic yellowish-green fluorescence
  active oxygen content
  min. 99% APS
  min. 6,94%
  Bulk density   900 - 1100 g/l

table 2

  Temp. (ºC)
  Ammonium persulfate
  APS g/l solutuion
10 496
20 559
30 616
40 696
50 741
60 781

table 3

  (at 20 ºC)
  1 % solution 4,44  +/- 0,2

For further data (stability, physiological properties, first aid, handling and storage) we refer to our separate information and our material safety data sheet.  Info Material

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