RheinPerChemie GmbH is a premium quality manufacturer and supplier of persulfates. We are part of the Calibre Chemicals.

Our focus is on the production and application of persulphates. These chemicals are critical to meeting the global demand for emerging specialty applications as well as in already developed industrial and consumer product applications.

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Polymers and Chemical Synthesis

Peroxodisulfates (Persulfates) are used as initiators (starters) for free radical polymerization reactions in aqueous media, preferably in emulsion, but also in suspension or solution polymerization processes. The decomposition of the peroxodisulfate anion into sulfate radicals is triggered thermally or by means of a redox reaction. Diammonium peroxodisulfate (Ammonium Persulfate, APS) and disodium peroxodisulfate (Sodium Persulfate, NaPS) are used either individually or in combination. As a direct contact with short reaction times and high delivery flexibility, RheinPerChemie GmbH is the preferred supplier to the polymer industry.

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Pharmacy and Cosmetics

Hair Colorants and Bleaches

Sodium and ammonium Persulfates are strong, yet easy to dose oxidizing and bleaching agents, also used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hair products. The qualities available from RheinPerChemie have, among other things, excellent durability and formulation properties and have proven their economic efficiency over many years of use. We strive to provide high quality and stable raw materials for hair dye and bleach production. We have developed a particularly fine pulverization for the cosmetics industry.

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