Sodium Persulfate

Sodium persulfate (disodium peroxodisulfate, brief SPS), a stable salt of peroxodisulfuric acid, is a strong, yet easy to dose oxidant and an excellent radical source in aqueous media. RheinPerChemie serves the product in the form of color- and odorless crystalline powders. Due to its high purity and low moisture content, SPS from RheinPerChemie is storage-stable and can be handled safely. Occasionally, SPS tends to form lumps or cake when stored under ambient conditions. This behavior can be suppressed by small amounts of special silica additives. Sodium persulfate is highly water-soluble. Aqueous solutions react slightly acidic and are less storage-stable than the anhydrous solid.

In consequence of its high oxidation potential, SPS can decompose when subjected to adverse conditions. The product itself is not flammable, but oxidizing.


Key Functions
  • Booster for hair bleaches and an oxidizer in hair dyes
  • Re-pulping and de-inking of papers
  • Recovery of metals and metal salts for oxidative treatment of high grade metal ores
  • Regenerating bleaching baths for photography color stock
  • De-sizing in the textile industry
  • Production of disinfectants
  • Initiator in the water-based emulsion polymerization of vinyl monomers in aqueous systems
  • Copper etchant in printed circuit boards
Related Markets
  • Polymers & Dispersions
  • Electronics
  • Environment
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
  • Pulp & Paper