Ammonium Persulfate

Ammonium persulfate (diammonium peroxodisulfate, abbreviation APS), a stable salt of peroxodisulfuric acid, is a strong, easily dosed oxidizing agent and an excellent free radical generator in aqueous media. RheinPerChemie (RPC) offers the product in the form of a colorless, odorless, crystalline powder. Due to its high purity and low water content, APS from RheinPerChemie has good storage stability and enables safe handling. Like many ammonium salts, APS has hygroscopic properties and tends to clump when stored in the open. However, this can be suppressed by adding small amounts of special silicas. Ammonium persulfate is characterized by its high solubility in water.

Due to its high oxidation potential, APS can decompose under unfavorable conditions. The product is not flammable, but has a fire-promoting effect.


Application Areas
  • Initiator for the production of vinyl and allyl polymers in emulsion and suspension processes
  • Bleaching enhancer and oxidizing agent in hair coloring preparations
  • Recycling of fibrous materials and breaking up of wet-strength paper (de-inking)
  • Oxidative digestion in the extraction of metals and metal salts from ores
  • Regeneration of color bleaching baths in the photo industry
  • Disinfectant production
Related Markets
  • Polymers and Dispersions
  • Oil and gas production
  • Pharmacy and Cosmetics
  • Pulp and paper